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Monarch Shirt


Monarch Shirt


In the last twenty years the population of Monarch butterflies has plummeted by 90%. Farmers and homeowners have sprayed herbicides on milkweed plants which serve as the butterflies’ nursery, food source, and home. Monarch butterflies are a keystone species to the world's ecosystem that once fluttered through out the United States by the billions.  This delicate creature endures a migration to Canada from Mexico.  Astonishingly, they make it back to their original breeding grounds in temperate rainforests on the branches of Oyamel fir trees in Mexico. This hat mirrors the image of the Monarchs hibernating on those trees.  The U.S Fish & Game is currently considering them for the endangered species list.  Spread awareness by proudly wearing this mock hibernation Monarch hat. Keep America beautiful by preserving and protecting the Monarch butterfly for future generations!

  • These premium quality American Apparel all over print shirts feature original art from seam to seam. The cotton-soft 100% polyester wicks moisture and maintains a rich color throughout. All over print tees are unisex fit, so women should make size selections accordingly and order a minimum of one size smaller.
  • Please Note: Every shirt is uniquely produced using a sublimation process that can create anomalies in some areas, typically under the arm, that leaves small portions of fabric white.

10% of sales go to the #ExclusivePeaks Foundation which is dedicated to building gardens and communities in order to preserve and protect our environment for future generations.

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